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About Us

What began as a mere idea, evolved into a thriving company.

Our goal was to assist the end user, improve the quality of their builds and solve common construction problems for local, national and independent merchants alike.

The story of Walther Strong traces back to the early 2000s when a young engineer named Fred Dunn found himself frustrated by the lack of high-quality tapes and adhesives available in the market. Working in various industries, from construction to packaging, Fred recognised the crucial role that strong, reliable adhesives played in ensuring the durability and effectiveness of products, builds and structures.

However, he often found existing options lacking in terms of innovation and versatility.

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Post Tape inner roll and core.
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Our History

Driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to fill this gap in the market, Fred embarked on a journey to create his own line of tapes and adhesives. Armed with his engineering expertise and a relentless commitment to quality, he set up a small workshop in his garage, experimenting with different formulations and manufacturing techniques late into the night.

After months of trial and error, Fred finally developed a range of tapes and adhesives that surpassed anything else available on the market. Not only were they incredibly strong and durable, but they also boasted unique features such as weather resistance, high temperature tolerance, unique tear abilities and eco-friendly formulations.

With his products ready for market, Fred founded Walther Strong in 2019, naming the company after their key quality and the key attribute of his products – ‘Strong’.

From humble beginnings, the company quickly gained traction, attracting attention from local businesses impressed by the quality and performance of Walther Strong’s tapes and adhesives.

As demand grew, Walther Strong expanded its operations, investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and assembling a team of skilled engineers and technicians dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction soon earned it a reputation as a trusted provider of adhesive solutions across various industries birthing its sister company MATI.

Where we are now

What truly sets Walther Strong apart, is its unwavering support for local and independent merchants within the UK. Recognising the importance of small businesses in driving innovation and fostering economic growth, Fred made it a priority to partner with local retailers, providing them with access to high-quality products and personalised support.

Through strategic partnerships and distribution agreements, Walther Strong’s tapes and adhesives became available in hardware stores, construction suppliers, and packaging companies across the UK, empowering small businesses to compete with larger corporations while delivering superior products to their customers.

Fred’s vision extended beyond the borders of the UK. Understanding the interconnected nature of the global market, he sought to establish Walther Strong as a key player in the international field. Leveraging partnerships with distributors and wholesalers, the company began exporting its products to countries around the world, earning accolades for its quality, reliability, and commitment to sustainability.

This is the next step of our journey and its a pleasure to have you here with us. 

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