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Becoming a stockist of Walther Strong is something we like to honour greatly. You aren’t just stocking our products for business purposes – you are becoming one of the family. What we want to ensure is that it is fully understood we support both the national brands AND the local independent. 

In addition to stocking some of the household names such as Travis and Jewson, we also stock a range of buying groups ranging from IBC, CBA, NBG, NMBS, FORTIS, H&B and IBMG. If your branch falls under this category, and you are yet to develop a relationship with us, please enquire with us today and let us know how we can assist in improving footfall in your stores, increasing your product range and what our products can do for your end user. Ultimately we are dedicated to sustaining success in your store. 

No matter the store size, category profile or location we have the range suited for you. Below is our form that will add you to our CRM for enquiry as to how we can fulfil your business needs. 

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