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Jewson take their timber and construction seriously, and are recognised, for a second year, as the 2023 Timber Merchant of the Year by the Builders’ Merchants Journal. 

This award went to thier specialist timber merchants. Offering their customers the best possible service and materials, no matter what they are buying.

Walther Strong has grown into Jewson’s product range, offering a unique catalogue of items that supports their customer service ethos, slowly becoming one of the go to brands for scrims, decktapes and other woven meshes. 

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Our Work With Jewson

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We acknowledge the usage of Scrim tapes and the ranges of quality that comes with them. We don’t believe in compromising on decent materials but also don’t think that contractors and tradesmen should pay through the nose for high volume and essential products. 
What we are here to do is to produce a product that both the installer and the merchant can benefit from and Jewson understands this.  
We have slowly been engaging with the branches, asking them their needs, wants and pinch points and working out a solution for them whilst maintaining a professional and quality service. To Walther Strong they are valued customers that we take into serious consideration. 
Jewson has been trialing the Walther Strong range and so far had decent results with the products. 
With good margins and decent communications the relationship moves from strength to strength. 


Jewson has a vast catalogue that is tailored to suit every tradesmen’s need. 
At Jewson  you can find information, advice and guidance from their in house trade experts. Whether you need help on your next build or are thinking about starting your career in the trade, they have a variety of articles to help.
They offer free calculators help you budget and plan your next job with confidence, price up your work based on the drawings and information you have sent over in addition to keeping you up-to-date with regulation changes and maintaining compliance with the law. 
Their range essentially is tailored to you, your goals and your developments, just like Walther Strong. 

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