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For 50 years Eurocell has been at the heart of sustainable property improvement. From our first steps in 1974, through to a London Stock Exchange listing in 2015 and their nationwide network of more than 200 branches, they have always put the customer first. 


Walther Strong and Eurocell have developed and maintained a strong relationship over the years and have build upon what is possible within the composite decking and cladding world. 


Eurocell’s standards and ethos resonated with the Founder of Walther Strong where together they looked into opportunities into timber protection and rot prevention of timber subframes. 

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Our Work With Eurocell

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To date over 80% of all decks and cladding operations in the UK are still using timber as their primary choice of subframe. 


Despite their being clear and obvious alternatives the look of composites are still wanted without the heavy costs associated with a metal or plastic subframe.

Our Decktapes and Decktape Pro’s are designed so that you dont have to worry as a Eurocell customer about the longevity of your timber subframe. 

This trend is recognised amongst many large suppliers of composites and it is why we exist today. 

Over the course of the Eurocell partnership Walther Strong Clad Tape and Deck Tapes have exploded in volume and become a ‘must have’ for all installers wanting to increase the quality of their builds or longevity of their projects. 

To further understand how these tapes can improve the longevity of your batons and subframes click the link below to find out more:

 Deck Tape Video


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Eurocell has a vast catalogue that is tailored to suit every need.

They offer up to 10 years of guaranteed weatherproof performance and a stylish new look with lightweight Coastline cladding. With minimal expansion and contraction, six stunning colours, BBA certification and a premium embossed woodgrain finish, it’s an excellent choice for modern properties.


Thier cladding is suitable for  homes, sunrooms, garden rooms and apartments with Ecoscape Forma® flat and slatted cladding. Scratch-proof and fade-proof for an enduring luxury finish, this is a low maintenance option made from 95% ethically sourced materials. Guaranteed for 25 years.


Click the link below to see Eurocell’s cladding range:

 Eurocell Cladding Range


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