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Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins seeks to do what matters for the Trade. Supplying a vast array of products at a fair price their expertise span over almost every construction sector.

They strive to constantly bring new ideas and concepts to the construction world where the small additions make a large difference.

Across many categories, Travis Perkins have tools and materials ranging from products suitable for landscaping and gardening projects to interior decorating, joinery, bathrooms, kitchens and so much more.

Their goal is to supply you with the greatest range of products available to cater to all of the unique needs of their customers.


Our Work With Travis Perkins

An image of a travis perkins warehouse stocking Walther Strong.


Walther Strong was officially established in 2019 seeing a gap in the market for a high quality product at an affordable cost. 
Upon the concept designs and initial product development, Travis Perkins were approached and asked to sample the tapes and the unique adhesive properties and problem solving qualities the product featured. 
4 years on and the relationship has gone from strength to strength with Travis Perkins being one of the benchmark merchants to deliver feedback, innovation and support on the Walther Strong catalogue which now supports EVERY travis in the UK.
Starting out with Walther Strong Orange Scrim, Travis Perkins now features over 20 unique items, all servicing contractors, construction workers and tradesmen alike. 
Still looking for ways to improve the Walther Strong experience, the companies work closely together to see what gaps there are in the market within the tapes and adhesives sector so that further improvements can be made to the end user and their quality of builds. 
Walther Strong Render Mesh range in a Travis Perkins Paddington Branch.
Travis Perkins stocking Walther Strong Scrim Tapes.


Travis Perkins lead the way for footfall and products shipped in the UK.

As leading partner to the construction industry and the largest distributor of building materials in the country, Travis Perkins plc has c.20,000 colleagues in the UK and also in France, Belgium and the Netherlands through Toolstation.

Helping to build Britain for over 200 years, helping build better communities and enrich the lives of those who live there; whether that’s by building new, or transforming existing homes into places that people love, and helping to create the infrastructure, schools, hospitals and businesses that everyone deserves. 

They attempt to bring the latest ideas, advice and how to guides to help inspire and guide you through your next project – big or small.

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