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Sleeper Tape® – 1 Roll of 200MM x 20M

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  • Non-Butyl
  • Completely UV Stable
  • Repositionable
  • Easy-to-tear
  • Permanent Adhesive Bond For 50 years
  • Self-Seals Around Fasteners
  • Made with sustainable & recycled materials
  • Can Be Applied to Damp Timber or Below Freezing (Not in the rain or wet timber)
  • Available in 3 different widths


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Sleeper Tape® is a quick and efficient way to protect and guard your timber sleepers from moisture rot, oxygen decay and fungi deterioration.

WHAT Is Sleeper Tape® ? 

Sleeper Tape® is a non-butyl self-sealing tape manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives a completely waterproof and weatherproof seal.

With a permanent adhesive bond and a product 25-year guarantee.

Suitable to be used with both traditional timber sleepers and also the more advanced treated sleepers, Sleeper Tape® will protect any timber structure from moisture deterioration and providing application is appropriate. e.g. garden flower beds.

WHY use Sleeper Tape® ? 

Sleeper Tape® is a Non-Butyl tape, that are designed for this application. They are completely UV stable and keep meaning they keep  their integrity for longer.  They provide a much longer lasting support to timber compared to bitumen paints and similar treatments BUT the main reason to use this tape is the fact that is saves you install time. Compared to painting or treating the timber with 2-3 coats of protective layers that only last a few years Walther Strong Sleeper Tape® is an easy quick peel, one stop solution to protecting you sleepers quickly!

In addition to this, it is stable from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss.

NOTE: Please ensure your sleepers have had 1 day of drying before applying tape to desired surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 82 cm


Technical Sheets

Sleeper Tape DS A5 Leaflet

4.5 PMMA Tape – Technical Data sheet

4.5 PMMA Tape – Saftey Data sheet

Product Instructions

WHERE / HOW To Apply Walther Strong Sleeper Tape® ? 

Simply applying a strip of Sleeper Tape® along the side of the desired area of support (rather than paint) protects the timber as it creates a strong seal from any moisture. There is no other product that is UV stable, Non butyl, environmentally friendly that can be applied to timber in the same speed and efficiency to protect your builds.

NOTE: tape applied to the timber is best suited to dry wood so ideally let the sleepers dry out for 24hrs before applying the tape. IF you are doing any other type of work with timber please check out our Decktape range for timber subframes or our Posttape range for fencing, equine and agricultural related builds. 


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