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HD Orange Scrim Tape – Box of 18 of Orange Scrim 100MMx90M

$227.36 exc VAT ($272.83 inc. VAT)

  • Alkali resistant
  • Prevents cracks on all joints and corners
  • Easy-to-see
  • Doesn’t fray
  • High strength adhesive
  • Heavy duty scrim and can be crossed over
  • Stays put on both flat joints and corners
  • Easy release from roll
  • Tested in both cold & hot environments
  • Is used with the Marshalltown tape jointing tool for flat and corner joints
  • Mould Resistant & Vapour


Walther Strong Orange HD scrim fibre tape has a mould-resistant specialist coating which is part of our Alkamaxx range of coatings, this ensures lasting protection against moisture and mould.


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The benefits of Walther Strong and its Heavy Duty Orange Scrim Tape

Our HD Orange Scrim Tape has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of the professional plasterer.  As a professional, you need the best products that are easy to work with and do exactly what they say! This latest product was designed by YOU! The end user and as a thankyou we have added a giveaway onto some of our scrim tapes that you can scan once bought. Look out for the QR code for more details.

Time Saving

Orange scrim is easy to see – when floating off the orange scrim can be easily seen until properly covered. Whereas, white scrim disappears completely, and you cannot tell if covered until plaster is fully dry.

Premium quality

Engineered to give the plaster a premium quality, flawless finish, our pro plasterers love Walther’s strong HD orange scrim tape. The scrim comes in three different widths [50mm,75mm & 100] to suit the individual preferences & applications

Mould Resistant & Vapour

Walther Strong Orange HD scrim fibre tape has a mould-resistant specialist coating which is part of our Alkamaxx range of coatings, this ensures lasting protection against moisture and mould.

Heavy Duty

The scrim doesn’t fray and stick through the plaster. Additional to this it has two different types of adhesive – a backing adhesive that forms a layer on the scrim fibres and a new, fully pressure-sensitive adhesive that is applied to the first backing adhesive – our Scrim Tape has been tried and tested in both cold and hot environments without drying out into the glass fibre so it stays put and doesn’t crack.

Fully Tested

This Heavy Duty Orange Scrim tape is designed and used on all joints that are flat either vertical or horizontal (ceilings as well) both tapered boards and square edged, and also commonly used in corners for all drylining applications. Our scrim tape has been thoroughly tested in both cold & hot environments and is completely alkaline resistant . This way the double-strength adhesive is still 100% effective in all climates & eliminates the risk of bleed from moisture reaction.

We update this product on a regular basis due to the fact that we receive constant feedback on how to improve the tape itself. Scrim to us is on eof the most important parts of our business as it supplies a range of plasters on a daily basis. What’s more important is that as its something our installers are using on a daily basis – it makes complete sense that they design it!

Therefore the Walther Strong Orange Scrim Tape range has gone through 7 iterations since its conception. What this essentially means is that the product has never been better. Its fine, sticky and has a large range of benefits which our prototype couldn’t dream of possessing. With plasterers and renderers coming onto site and assisting with our product specification’s we believe we have manufactured one of the best tapes on the market that benefits the end user and installer with affordability at its core – now available in all your local branches across the UK.


Technical Sheets

HD Orange Scrim DS A5 Leaflet

Technical Data Scheet – Scrim Tapes

Product Instructions


1 – Prepare Surface [ remove all debris & dust ]

2 – Apply Tape [ apply along centre of joints between plasterboards ]

3 – Press Firmly [ apply firm pressure along tape ]

4 – Apply Joist Compound [ as soon as possible after applying tape ]

When working vertically, start at the top. Stick around three inches of tape to the plasterboard, with an equal amount on each side. The joint should run as close to the middle of the tape as possible. Once the initial three inches are stuck down, move the tape down the joint, pressing it firmly on as you go.

Tip: The easiest way we found to tear our Scrim Tape is using a plasterer’s trowel which cuts through it easily under small amounts of pressure.


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