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Deck Tape® – 1 Roll of 300MMx20M

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  • Non-Butyl
  • Completely UV Stable
  • Repositionable
  • Easy-to-tear
  • Permanent Adhesive Bond For 50 years
  • Self-Seals Around Fasteners
  • Made with sustainable & recycled materials
  • Can Be Applied to Damp Timber or Below Freezing (Not in the rain or wet timber)
  • Available in 10 different widths

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Deck Tape® is a non-butyl self-sealing tape manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives a completely waterproof and weatherproof seal.

With a permanent adhesive bond for 50 years and a 25-year guarantee, this greatly adds to the life of your deck frame. Tested with all timber treatments.

Suitable to be used with both traditional timber decking and also the more advanced composite decking, Deck Tape® will protect any timber decking substructure.  When using a composite deck board, more of the moisture will be absorbed into the substructure as it will drain off the deck boards.  Higher amounts of moisture will mean that the frame will rot faster if not sealed properly. What we offer with our product is the following:

  • Watertight
  • Air- and smoke-tight
  • Easy release
  • Stickiness
  • UV-stable
  • Self-sealing
  • Tape can be easily overlapped without added any significant height which could interfere with the deck board heights
  • Easy to slide boards along taped joists when installing
  • If screws are removed, no residue is left on the screw
  • Tape doesn’t stick to itself on the adhesive side – no wastage
  • Upgraded sustainable materials – Like composite decking, we are now using sustainable materials in Deck Tape. The flat fibre strand laminated webbing layers are manufactured from self-reinforced thermo polymers which gradually increase in strength over time and are 100% recycled !


We have gone to a wide range of installers, both nationally and internationally and there is nothing that can match this product on the market. With plenty of copycat products, they never achieve the same affect as Walther Strong and in the long run move the end user and installer to our path regardless – in which case, you may as well start with us to begin with and ensure your deck has the best protection.

We have a range of installers we can put you in touch with who will insist on using our product no matter the location of the decking install. The South loves it just as much as the North and if you are in need of further information then please look through our technical sheets and safety data sheets and if you are in need of further reassurance then call your local builders merchant and ask them about the product – we are now stocking a large range of merchants with Walther Strong Deck Tape and developing new partnerships.

The biggest benefit of Walther Strong Deck Tape is its adhesive. It has the ability to cure into the wood and whilst doing so.. self seals around your fixings (which is the moistures main point of attack). No other tape on the market has an adhesive compound that can seal around the screw and cause an airtight barrier once installed onto the timber subframe – paint and butyl don’t even come close to the product we have produced.

If you need further information then we are more than happy to receive calls and talk further regarding this product as it is one of our flagship products and is being used throughout the UK. Just call into our office and our head of technical will be pleased to answer and and all queries regarding Deck tape and its range. We look after the installer as best we can.

Additional information

Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 82 cm


Technical Sheets

DeckTape DS A5 Leaflet Act

Walther Strong Deck Tape – Technical Data sheet

Product Instructions


Exposure to the elements outdoors can result in significant deck frame weathering.  The most common area for this damage to occur is where the deck boards come in contact with the deck substructure.  Protect your deck substructure with Walther Strong Deck Tape®.


Deck Tape® is a non-butyl tape!

Non-Butyl tapes are particularly suitable for this application as they are completely UV stable and keep their integrity for longer.  This means that they have many advantages over both butyl and asphalt tapes.

In addition to this, it is stable from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss.



Joist Protection

Simply applying a strip of Deck Tape® along the top of the joists as a ‘cap’ (rather than a wrap) protects the timber as it creates a strong seal from any moisture.  50mm Deck Tape® works particularly well on standardised 2 inch timber as it acts as a ‘cap’ (slightly overlapping the edge of the timber) rather than a wrap.  This prevents any moisture sitting on these flat surfaces and slowly rotting away the timber.

Deck Tape® can be applied to joists in advance to the deck boards being fitted – It doesn’t deteriorate or affect the benefits and qualities that the tape brings to the deck.

Joist Hanger Protection

Traditionally the coating on the metal would have slowly corroded away the metal and brought weakness in.  However, by simply applying a layer of Deck Tape® this prevents the breaking down of the treatments so the subframe of your deck maintains its integrity.

Cut Ends

Generally this is a particularly weak spot for the moisture to start rotting the timber since there will not be any treatment on this part as it has been cut to size.  Using one layer of Deck Tape® will completely seal it off from all moisture and water-rotting or weathering.

Around fasteners

Apply a layer of Deck Tape® between the galvanised fixings and treated timber to prevent the fixing from corroding.


For any queries or questions regarding this product we would be more than happy to answer your questions. If you are looking for your nearest stockist then please use the ‘Find your merchant’ page. If your local merchant doesn’t stock Deck Tape® then please call the trade counter in question and they will contact us on your behalf.



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