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Our Consistent Changer – Orange Scrim Tape

Orange Scrim tape with 3 sizes.

What is Walther Strong Orange Scrim Tape?

Our HD Orange Scrim Tape has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of the professional plasterer. As a professional, you need the best products that are easy to work with and do exactly what they say! Walther Strong Orange HD scrim fibre tape has a mould-resistant specialist coating which is part of our Alkamaxx range of coatings, this ensures lasting protection against moisture and mould. The scrim doesn’t fray and stick through the plaster. Additional to this it has two different types of adhesive – a backing adhesive that forms a layer on the scrim fibres and a new, fully pressure-sensitive adhesive that is applied to the first backing adhesive – our Scrim Tape has been tried and tested in both cold and hot environments without drying out into the glass fibre so it stays put and doesn’t crack. This Heavy Duty Orange Scrim tape is designed and used on all joints that are flat either vertical or horizontal (ceilings as well) both tapered boards and square edged, and also commonly used in corners for all drylining applications. Our scrim tape has been thoroughly tested in both cold & hot environments and is completely alkaline resistant . This way the double-strength adhesive is still 100% effective in all climates & eliminates the risk of bleed from moisture reaction.

Why Is It Orange?

Simply put… Orange scrim is easy to see – when floating off the orange scrim can be easily seen until properly covered. Whereas, white scrim disappears completely, and you cannot tell if covered until plaster is fully dry. This to us was no good and despite other colours hitting the market, we find orange to be one of the most outstanding of the colours making it visible but coverable.

What Version Are We On Now?

We have just undergone our 7th iteration of Walther Strong Orange Scrim tape. The formulation is constantly changing because your wants and needs are constantly changing. We have been speaking to the end user and plastering powerhouses for years now and the heavy duty OST (Version 6) was slightly too stiff to fit into corners without coming loose. This latest innovation means the scrim is finer, sticker and easily applicable to all surfaces! Can you believe the latest feedback is that its too sticky! There’s just no pleasing some people ey…

Where Can I Get Some?

Engineered to give plaster the premium quality, flawless finish, our pro plasterers love Walther strong UF Orange Scrim Tape is now available in almost every local merchant across the UK. The scrim comes in three different widths [50mm,75mm & 100] to suit the individual preferences & applications all now with the latest version.

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