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Innovation Through and Through – Alkamaxx Render Mesh

Walther Strong Render Mesh being rolled out.

Render Mesh with a Difference!

The Walther Strong fiberglass Render mesh products offered are for use in ETICS systems and are tested and assessed in accordance with EAD 040016-01-0404 & European Technical Approval Guidelines, (ETAGs) and were elaborated as common approval guidelines under the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD) which includes our Glass fibre mesh for reinforcement of cementitious or cement-based renderings.

We have be guided by the EAD (European Assessment Document) to determine all important aspects that must be considered during the assessment procedure regarding the applicability of a fiberglass mesh product in normal cementitious environment. Our verified fiberglass products satisfy the requirements listed in all the EAD. Since this EAD does not contain verification method for the application of fiberglass meshes with branded products and we can not anticipate of all the possible combination with other products.

Based on our current knowledge, we do not know of any incompatibility or hazard by the application of our fiberglass meshes in conjunction with any cementitious or cement-based products used in ETICS, since these fiberglass mesh products are generally used in ETICS systems and we provided this mesh for over ten years for lots of our customers, partners and system holders, without any failures.

200mm orange render mesh rolls
three sizes of render mesh orange

Why Is It Cut to Different Sizes?

The Render Mesh 1m rolls tend to be very difficult to cut, they are for sturdy applications after all. We were asked by one of our customers whether we have the 1m rolls cut down to sizes (as a timber merchant would do for wood) and we thought about it for a while and decided that we could generate 3 unique sizes for bespoke applications.

What Can These Different Sizes be used for?

TO put it plainly

The smallest cut (200mm) can be used for small windows and frameworks.

The medium cut (330mm) can be used for doorways and entrances.

The large cut (500mm) is for low bearing walls or waist high walls. 

Obviously if none of these fit the bill, you can buy the 1m range – ALL of these cuts comes in Orange and White.

Where Can I Get Some?

There are a growing number of merchants and contractors that are being supplied by Walther Strong however if your local merchant does’nt stock this Alkaline resistant mesh then you can get it direct, however rates will be better through the merchants as they buy in volume. 

You may have seen our power pallet which is displayed on the shop floor for easy access and to stand out amongst the crowd.

Pallet of render mesh in stores
3 white roll of render mesh cut to size.

ALKAMAXX is Everywhere... what is it?

ALKAMAXX is a bespoke, alkaline resistant coating, applied to our render mesh. Our secret sauce is intertwined with our already sturdy product to ensure that it stands above the rest of the market, provides a POS for the reseller and improves the quality of the build for the installer. 

We are constantly striving to improve our product range, innovating where we can, listening to our end users, contractors and stockists to encompass all their needs and wants and applying that to the final product. 

As always its a pleasure to manufacture and produce these products – we love doing what we do!

Thank you for reading!

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