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HD ISO Acoustic Tape – 1 x Roll of 50MM X 10M (Rubber Crumb)

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  • Rubber Crumb base bonded to adhesive layer
  • Completely UV Stable
  • Can be fastened onto surface if required
  • Peel and place
  • Incredible reduction of noise pollution
  • Seals with Fasteners
  • Made with sustainable & recycled materials
  • Suitable for timber overlays, laminate and textile flooring


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HD ISO Acoustic Tape® is a Strong and thick rubber crumb formulation that can seriously assist in preventing noise pollution and damage

WHAT Is HD ISO Acoustic Tape ® ? 

Walther Strong HD ISO Acoustic Tape® is a specially manufactured rubber crumb strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which generates a thick barrier suitable to reduce acoustic pollution to an extremely efficient level.

The products have already been used on vertical and horizontal applications both nationally and internationally going as far as the Middle East marinas.

Suitable to be used with both traditional timber sleepers, walkways, marinas, music studios and stud walls.

WHY use Walther Strong HD Acoustic ISO Tape® ? 

HD ISO Acoustic Tape® is a THE go to for noise pollution prevention.

With the product able to be fastened to a range of surfaces and being UV stable it means that the integrity of the build wont be compromised no matter the environmental or human scrutiny it may undergo.


Additional information

Weight 2.14 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 cm


Technical Sheets

HD Acoustic Tape Technical Data Sheet

Product Instructions

WHERE / HOW To Apply Walther Strong HD Acoustic Tape® ? 

Simply applying a strip of HD Acoustic Tape® along the side of the desired area of support protects the surface area as it creates a thick boundary between two elements. There is no other product that is UV stable, Non butyl, made with environmentally recycled materials that can be applied to desired surfaces for complete acoustic reduction.

NOTE: the adhesive on the tape is adequate for most application purposes however for permanent fixes you can screw fixings into the rubber crumb formulation to hold tape into position. The tapes thickness will slowly absorb the fixing meaning there is no compromise in acoustic reduction. 


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