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At Millboard, the story is one of innovation, sustainability, and a deep-rooted commitment to redefining outdoor living spaces. The belief that outdoor areas are not just functional spaces but places where memories are created, experiences are shared, and where the extraordinary comes to life.

Their journey began with a vision to change the way the world looks at outdoor design. A family-run business, the company has been marrying British craftsmanship to the inspiration of nature since 1976. Millboard decking and cladding demonstrates the commitment to quality and visual distinction.

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Our Work With Millboard


Millboard is at the forefront of outdoor living technology. Redefining the possibilities with our composite materials, ensuring the highest standards of quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Attracted attention from awarding bodies, such as The Pro Landscaper Awards and the London Stock Exchange the company continues to go from strength to strength. 

With the initial idea of formulating a mold to enompass the lifelike style of weathered oak the company started with humble beginnings that is now boasting to be one of the biggest decking companies in the  UK.

Walther Strong and Millboard have had a long standing relationship constantly communicating and understanding what the industry is looking for, how both of the unique product lines could work in a symbiotic manor and how the industry as a whole can be benefited by high quality, durable and long lasting products in the decking and cladding world. 

It’s not all about what it looks like on the outside, if you have a stunning cladding board its worth investing on the substructure. Walther Strong Clad Tape ® is a non-butyl self-sealing tape manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives the timber battens a completely waterproof and weatherproof seal. With a 25-year guarantee, Clad Tape ® ensures your battens last as long as your composite cladding boards.

Non-Butyl tapes are particularly suitable for this application as they are completely UV stable and keep their integrity for longer.  This means that they have many advantages over both butyl and asphalt tapes. In addition to this, it is stable from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss.

With decking and joist protection, simply applying a strip of Deck Tape® along the top of the joists as a ‘cap’ (rather than a wrap) to protect the timber as it creates a strong seal from any moisture.  50mm Deck Tape® works particularly well on standardised 2 inch timber.  This prevents any moisture sitting on these flat surfaces and slowly rotting away the timber.

Deck Tape® can be applied to joists in advance to the deck boards being fitted – It doesn’t deteriorate or affect the benefits and qualities that the tape brings to the deck.

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