The only professional LM natural silicone IN EUROPE & UK that does everything just in 1 tube !

  • Anti-fungal
  • 36 Colour range
  • Premium quality
  • Outstanding resilience
  • UV & ageing resistant
  • Internal & external
  • Food hygiene approved







Pro4 Is A Premium Quality Silicone that is the Solution to the Problem Of Needing 7 Completely Different Sealants For Every Different Application.  Instead Pro4 Does It All

Save Time, Money & Hassle.


  • Food hygiene approved
  • One Silicone for All The Different Applications – Exterior, Interior, High End Sanitary Situations, Natural Stone, Direct to Glass & Mirror.
  • The Best Premium Quality Sealant
  • Anti-Fungal
  • UV & Aging Resistant
  • High Adhesion – Durable, Soft Elastic Outstanding Resilience
  • Adheres Without Primer to Many Applications
  • Low Shrinking During Curing
  • Effortlessly Get the Best German Finish and Product in One


The Beko Silicone System™ [ Pro4 Premium Silicone, Smoothing Spray & Joint Spatulas]

This system has been designed for a really premium finish that lasts a lifetime – getting the job done right the first time. Following this system ensures that each product is really used at its best potential & creates a complete germ-free, water-tight, professional finish that everyone needs in their bathroom.

With the initial 36 colour range of the pro4 silicone you can find the exact match you need to perfectly compliment your tiles / environment, then after applying the chosen colour of silicone, you simply spray over the bead lightly with the smoothing spray, choose which pattern on your joint spatula you would like and press firmly and slide the spatula along the bead to fully seal the silicone in around the crevasse between the tiles & sanitary ware.

The idea of this system is to ensure that no contact from your hands is made throughout the process, and this is for a very important reason. Everyone silicone that claims to be anti-fungal is immediately …. when contact is made by anything unsterile (especially hands!)  before cured. This is why the The Beko Silicone System™ can ensure that your silicone is completely anti-fungal and won’t go rotten just a few months down the line like most silicone jobs tend to do – and let’s face it, what is worse that mouldy silicone around your nice sanitary ware?


For the simple application steps:

Step 1 – Apply Pro4 Silicone in an even bead

Step 2 – Spray silicone bead evenly with smoothing spray

Step 3 – Choose your finishing bead from the 16 different options on your joint spatula set

Step 4 – Run joint spatula down the silicone, pressing firmly

Step 5 – Allow silicone to fully cure (24 hours) before coming in contact with water


To Watch a Video on Pro4 Silicone Click Here


Pro4 Colours – RAL Numbers
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Light Grey [ RAL : 7038 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Manhattan [ RAL : 7004 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Concrete Grey [ RAL : 7030 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Jasmine Maple [ RAL : 9001 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml White [ RAL : 9003 ] 
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Bahama Beige / Light Oak [ RAL : 780-4 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Tan/Light Beech [ RAL : 1001 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Dark Brown Mahogany Teak [ RAL : 8014 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Black [ RAL : 9005 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Medium Brown/Beech/Dark Oak [ RAL : 1011 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Caramel/ Spruce/ Larch [ RAL : 780-5 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Silver Grey [ RAL : 7044 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Anthracite [ RAL : 7016 ] 
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Aluminium Silver [ RAL : 9022 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Terracotta [ RAL : 8002 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Transparent Grey [ RAL : 110-3 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Old Lace [ RAL : 9003 ] 
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Pergamon [ RAL : 7047 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Cement Grey [ RAL : 110-2 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Basalt [ RAL : 7005 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Oak [ RAL : 290-2 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Chestnut [ RAL : 8024 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Walnut [ RAL : 1019 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Bronze [ RAL : 7022 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Dark Grey [ RAL : 7011 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Sanitary Grey [ RAL : 7023 ] 
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Grey White [ RAL : 7035 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Beige/Alder [ RAL : 1015 ]
  • Silicone Pro4 Premium 310ml Pale Brown/Teak [ RAL : 8025 ]

Worried about your silicone matching your exact application ? – Get an exact colour match chart here and find the perfect shade !


To Visit the Beko Website Click Here
To download the ‘canexel cladding’ & ‘pro4 silicone’ colour matches chart click here

Additional information


Transparent Silicone PRO4 310ml, White Silicone PRO4 310ml, Light Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Manhattan Silicone PRO4 310ml, Concrete Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Jasmine Maple Silicone PRO4 310ml, Bahama Beige/Light Oak Silicone PRO4 310ml, Tan/Light Beech Silicone PRO4 310ml, Dark Brown Mahogany Teak Silicone PRO4 310ml, Black Silicone PRO4 310ml, Medium Brown/Beech/Dark Oak Silicone PRO4 310ml, Caramel/Spruce/Larch Silicone PRO4 310ml, Silver Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Anthracite Silicone PRO4 310ml, Aluminium Silver Silicone PRO4 310ml, Terracotta Silicone PRO4 310ml, Transparent Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Old Lace Silicone PRO4 310ml, Pergamon Silicone PRO4 310ml, Cement Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Basalt Silicone PRO4 310ml, Oak Silicone PRO4 310ml, Chestnut Silicone PRO4 310ml, Walnut Silicone PRO4 310ml, Bronze Silicone PRO4 310ml, Dark Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Sanitary Grey Silicone PRO4 310ml, Grey White Silicone PRO4 310ml, Beige/Alder Silicone PRO4 310ml, Pale Brown/Teak Silicone PRO4 310ml

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