Adrian Pope – Heritage Lime Plasterer

“We have to mask up around all the oak beams, all paper tapes get wet and tear on removal, and duct tapes leave residue. Cleanroom Construction Tape removes clean even months later and tears straight by hand protecting the important little corner details every time. This tape is a must on every van. Thanks!”

Adrian Pope


Gary Blackburn – British Gypsum Plaster Demonstrator

“Whilst demonstrating the British Gypsum magnetic plaster, we have been using the Cleanroom Construction tape for more than a year. The main benefits we have enjoyed are the strength of the tape, and the fact that it leaves no residue. It tears easily, and it’s a great product!”

Gary Blackburn


Brenda Wilson – Craft Expert

“I use Liquid Tape for all those awkward to tape jobs on my acrylic pouring and resin fluid artworks on canvas, glass, CD, LP, plywood and wood panel substrates. Artists working with multimedia or collage work would find this a joy to work with. So quick to apply and so satisfying to remove with no clean up means it’s a great time-saver. It allows me to create irregular edges between my painting and negative (unpainted) areas on the surfaces of items such as serving platters and cheeseboards. An indispensible item in my studio.”

Brenda Wilson


Carley Duff – Arts & Crafts TV Presenter

“It tears and it is a perfect straight line every single time. It’s great for acetate, great for gilding, mixed media and so much more. It’s fabulous. I absolutely love Galago Tape!”

Carley Duff