Scrim Tape

Walther Strong Scrim Tape is uniquely designed to meet the needs of professional plasterers. Using two different types of adhesive – a backing adhesive that forms a layer on the scrim fibres and a new, fully pressure-sensitive adhesive that is applied to the first backing adhesive – our Scrim Tape has been tried and tested in both cold and hot environments without drying out into the glass fibre so it stays put and doesn’t crack.

Tip: The easiest way we found to tear our Scrim Tape is using a plasterer’s trowel which cuts through it easily under a bit of pressure. Request your free sample pack today

  Download the datasheet here


  • Very strong
  • Stays put
  • Easy release
  • Available in 50mm x 90m and 100mm x 90m rolls


  • Plastering
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