Completely protect and seal your new or existing deck frame with Walther Strong DeckTape from water rot, moisture rot and frame weathering. The most common area for deck frame weather damage is where the joists are exposed between the boards. This tape is designed to be applied along the top of the joists before the boards are applied to eliminate this issue. It is manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives a completely water-proof weather resistant solution from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss. With a 15 year guarantee, his massively adds to the life of your deck frame and has been tested with all  timber treatments. Additionally, it is repositionable for the first 30 minutes (it cures after 1-4 hours). It brings the timber frame lifespan up to the same guarantee as most composite deck board and hardwood deck board manufactures. It also doesn’t stick to itself during installation to avoid any wastage. When screws are fixed through it, it seals around the hole, to ensure there are no areas where moisture can get through.



  • Guaranteed to preserve your decking from damp for 15 years
  • Completely UV stable
  • Permanent adhesive bond for 50 years
  • Extremely strong
  • Easy to tear
  • Non-butyl



  • Top of all Joists
  • Posts
  • Cut Ends
  • Rim joist
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