• Extra strong, high quality, heavy duty all-purpose Grandad duct tape
  • 50mm x 10m
  • Extremely strong heavy duty hard wearing duct tape with weather resistance
  • Easy to tear. Waterproof.
  • If you can’t glue it, screw it or nail it – just Grandad tape it!







Grandad was born 18th May 1924.  96 years later emerges the tape with a story – a true story!



IN MEMORY OF ONE AMAZING GRANDAD ↑ (scroll right to see his picture – the real Grandad) ↑

Read Grandad’s story below… 

Grandad was born in North London in an era when things were less complicated.  Mechanics were simpler with many things made from metal and timber with clockwork driven gears, and you could see how things worked.  He worked with his hands, intuition, aptitude and a smile!

Where he worked, he was one of a small group of engineers, troubleshooting a range of problems that occurred in manufactured electro-mechanical equipment and precision instruments. These emergencies inevitably disrupted production on projects that involved tight deadlines for aero systems and allied equipment for various projects.  So tape became a useful toolbox asset!

As years progressed, even with all his experience, if you couldn’t screw it, nail it or glue it, you needed to ‘Grandad Tape it’ to repair any kind of expendable item.  Tape was always a good temporary fix (and could end up a permanent fix, if there were no further problems!).

He never went anywhere without a roll of quality duct tape as a backup plan

After retirement, and as always looking for a quick fix, this tape replaced the broken hinge on his glasses case and pill box and secured the broken flap on a TV remote to stop the batteries falling out.  He would tidy cables, mend holes in the groundsheet for camping, stick notes on the fridge…soon pretty much the whole house was covered in tape.

Source of family humour

It became a source of family humour that if you ever went over to visit him, you couldn’t leave without one of you having a bit of ‘Grandad tape’ (aka duct tape) stuck on your arm, leg or head.  You might find it in the car the next day and smile.

Sadly, Grandad passed away In North London on 5 February 2017.  He left us with lots of loving memories, smiles and endless reasons to use Grandad Tape for all temporary and permanent repairs.

Thanks Grandad. You’re a Legend.

Then it all happened!

After being inspired by a great story, at Walther Strong we knew we needed to build a great product to live up to the story.

We decided we would extensively research what we needed for the best all-round duct tape. Something that would live up to the trials and tests of Grandad’s life, and not let him down when it came to the critical applications.

So we started with the layer build up to produce the quality tape…..

  • Layers: Quality duct tape will consist of several distinctive layers. The coloured outer layer will have a slight shine, giving it some weather resistance.  The next layer is a fabric weave layer which contains the tough fibres to give the tape its strength (this is why you will sometimes hear it called cloth tape).  The final layer is the adhesive which is the magic that holds everything together, giving a lasting fix to anything! We went all out for the best quality.
  • Colours: Grandad Tape needed to have enough personality to match up to Grandad. Although we needed some character, we also needed a solid product that really did what it said. Therefore, for the duct tape itself, we opted for the good old-fashioned, traditional duct tape that really stuck, available in black, white and silver.  We’ll leave the decorative tapes for the artists and crafters out there!
  • Tearing: a good duct tape will have a durable fibre structure. It’s due to this really solid foundation that the tape will tear easily from the roll, so you’ll get the toughness you need.  On the contrary, if the tape is difficult to tear, requires scissors and seems really ‘sticky’, it’s probably going to stretch too easily when placed under stress.  We used one of the best fibre layered structures: it tears like a dream but is really tough.
  • Thickness: this is very important with duct tapes.  Heavy duty tapes really need to have the extra thickness to give them the durability they need.  And good news, it will also be easier to find the edge of the tape on the roll!  Again we went heavy duty!
  • Weight – to match with the heavy duty, a good duct tape will also be heavyweight! You’ll know a good duct tape when you pick it up as it will really feel like it has some substance.

After many more late nights and testing we finally had the first real “Grandad Tape®” in our hands!!

You can too, it’s for everyone!

Thanks Grandad.

Additional information

Quantity & Colour

3 Rolls Grandad Tape 50MMx10M [blck,white,silver], 1 Roll Black Grandad Tape 50MMx10M, 1 Roll Silver Grandad Tape 50MMx10M, 1 Roll White Grandad Tape 50MMx10M, Box of 72 Black Grandad Tape 50MMx10M, Box of 72 White Grandad Tape 50MMx10M, Box of 72 Silver Grandad Tape 50MMx10M

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