When park homes are transported after manufacture, the stipple (either Resitex or Stucco) has been known to crack around window and door frames as the structure flexes.
This causes huge costs in site visits to repair the finishes.
The MATI adhesive mesh system is applied around any joints, eliminating cracking or movement guaranteed.
Additionally, there has been a large increase in demand for more contemporary finishes (e.g. K-Rend, MAPEI, Baumit Eco-Rend). This results in thinner renders, so the MATI® system has been tested with these render systems, and dramatically improves the strength and appearance of all these varieties, without being visible.

Key requirements for park home manufacturers are quick application, and a structural but flexible bond.
Our adhesives meet these by increasing structural rigidity and reducing wastage in manufacturing.
In addition, this makes an extremely effective fillet bead adhesive for roofing on park homes.
As modular buildings regularly go up to 10 storeys high, they have to comply with building regulations, stipulating the use of a non-flammable adhesive. Our solution is a code-compliant spray web adhesive, Class 0 flame retardant. The propellant is also non-flammable.

Key component mesh for thinner render coats – an invisible combat mesh system designed for any fireboard or cement board. (specific sizes available for each application)

Specialist task specific Bathroom cement board / tilebacker Combat mesh that eliminates cracking or movement.


  • Prevents interior and exterior cracking
  • Quick to apply
  • Class 0 flame retardant
  • Highly cost effective
  • Reduced to minimum waste
  • Very fast assembly bonding
  • Structural bonds
  • Code compliant
  • ISO 4603
  • Coatings are tested to DIN EN 12127
  • Tensile strengths as original and after ageing tested to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 and weave to DIN 61101-1 + DIN ISO 9354
  • MATI® products are REACH compliant for orders based on or after the date of the regulation. ©


  • Residential Park Home Manufacturing
  • Commercial Modular Build Manufacturing
  • Joint strengthening in construction
  • All exterior joints on ply or Magboard (Cement board)
  • Bonding steel to timber or steel to steel or timber to timber fast & Structural
  • Floor assembly
  • Interior ply reinforcing
  • The Cleanroom Construction tape is used when transporting the pods,
  • Liquid tape is used on the GRP corners when stippleing
  • Fast Wall assembly  ©