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The team at Walther Strong have been thinking about how we can help our trade merchant and wholesaler customers sell more quality, task-specific tapes; and from feedback we’ve received we think one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and brand awareness is to give away sample packs of our products – completely free of charge! – so trade professional end-user customers can try them out and put our claims to the test.

We trialled this approach recently and the results were excellent so it’s an approach we’re now offering and rolling out for our task-specific Clean Room tapes.

Free samples

Unlike standard duct tape, Clean Room tape leaves no residue behind, is strong and easy to tear, but how will you or your trade customers know how good it is unless you give it a try? And that’s where our free ‘shelf ready’ boxes of 24 product sample packs come in.

If you are a builders merchant, timber merchant or electrical wholesaler and you’d like a free box of sample packs to distribute to your professional trade customers, then get in touch with us and we’ll get a promotional point-of display box straight out to you.

Merchant benefits

And this approach isn’t only good for Walther Strong. You’ll get increased customer loyalty (you’re giving away something for nothing after all!) and a likely increase in tape sales while generating interest in the other Walther Strong brand task-specific tapes.

To find out more about the Walther Strong Clean Room tapes visit our website and discover the benefits of setting up a merchant account with us. To request your free sample packs, simply email [email protected] with your business name and address using the code PROMO24FREE as the subject line.

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