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Canada Hotel

Case Study: Walther Strong in Canada Walther Strong Liquid tape is one of our Flagship products that gets the painters and decorators talking every time! However Liquid tape isn’t just there for the painting and decorating market – its actually there for the protection market. Once a think layer is painted on, Liquid Tape starts […]

CASE STUDY: Switzerland

An overview of Switzerland

Case Study: Walther Strong in Switzerland In 2021 Walther Strong was asked to supply a company building a hotel in Switzerland. Naturally we were keen to assist but needed to understand the manufactures wants and desires when it came to specifications and requirements. They were looking for decking protection that would ensure that their harsh […]


An image of the Jeddah City.

Case Study: Walther Strong in Jeddah In 2023 Walther Strong was asked to supply a third party, on behalf of their client about soundproofing marinas in Jeddah by some high profile builds. A well known Jeddah project sourced Walther Strong HD Marine Acoustic tape  or ‘HD Acoustic Tape’ for its intense properties to irradicate sound […]

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